Why Zen Cloud?

Zen Cloud Technologies works with the best companies in major industries including biotech and pharma, social media and technology, media, finance, non-profits and government. We have openings around the country and can find the best match for you. Many on our recruiting staff have worked in the technology trenches as developers, project managers and business analysts, so we know what you deal with when finding a new contract.

The Zen Cloud Way

Our staffing repeatable process includes:

  • Asking the right questions about your background and expertise
  • Finding the right companies and job opportunities for you
  • Screening hiring managers and companies to learn their needs and unique culture
  • Leading you and the hiring manager through interviews
  • Helping you find the right offer at the right rate
  • Onboarding your to your new position
  • Maintaining a relationship with you and the hiring manager to ensure success
  • Providing training and career success options to continue advancing your career and skills


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