What's your vision?

Driving Adoption: Find and Lead A Vision

  • Chris Fellows
  • 12/14/2017
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Its not technology or talent or process that drive great projects, its inspiration, a rare commodity for most of us in the work day life.

Let’s be honest, we don’t all work at a Google, an Apple or a Salesforce where inspiration and “doing great things” is a way of life that’s perhaps even taken for granted. Most of us work through the politics of the corporate world and struggle with the technical decisions made for what seem like arbitrary reasons.

Inspiration can be tough to muster. And yet it is really that key ingredient which at the end of the day determines whether a project is wildly successful.


If you haven’t listened to Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on “How great leaders inspire action”, I’d suggest, stop what you’re doing and listen to it. Its one of the mostly highly watched TED talks of all time and for a good reason. He argues that it is the WHY that determines successful action, not the HOW.


When we’re thinking about starting a new Salesforce project or any kind of project for that matter, vision is the key component that is so often missing. Most of the times in our corporate world, a decision gets handed down from an executive and its our job to determine the HOW of the implementation and make it successful. But what’s missing is the WHY.

Take a new Salesforce org project. The decisions for an implementation could be varied: data integrity, better CRM, better reporting, etc. But none of these inspire or drive action. And once the implementation is complete they don’t really give end users a compelling reason to jump on the Salesforce bandwagon.

At some point, someone must create a vision, collaborate with others to refine it and then lead it in all communication about the project.


Not an easy task of course, but an engaging one for sure!

A clear vision might start off as something like: improving our conversion rate on opportunities by 10% to drive $10 million more in revenue. That’s a goal and a challenge. It allows both developers, business analysts as well as sales reps and managers to all create their place in the vision. Developers are part of the vision because they are providing the solution to enable the company to grow significantly. Sales reps are in because they will have a tool which vastly improves their productivity (and commissions!). You’ll get engagement, quality feedback and constructive debate as opposed to lethargy, confusion and procrastination.

So… if you have a vision, tell us in a comment. If not, what could your vision be?