Partner: Drive Adoption and Cut Training Costs with WalkMe

  • Chris Fellows
  • 01/18/2018
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New Salesforce implementations or major enhancements always risk adoption and training issues. Users generally don’t like change and if you do not engage them successfully, they will give you resistance at every step in the process.

WalkMe is the hands down, best way to guarantee adoption, cut training time and lower bottom line expenses.


WalkMe is a browser based tool that guides and informs users on your Salesforce implementations. As a tech team, you can write your own user training flows and alter them with each enhancement. It can lead users from page to page and through the business processes.

Normal approaches to training is to do seminar training once at the beginning, record the session and give it to new users as they come onboard. Maybe power users surface and they become the go to people for questions. This approach does not take into account that repetition is the key to learning. You cannot just give one training and expect that the entire material will sink in. With WalkMe users can use the training flows until they know them and turn it off.

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Check out this video to see how easy it is to create a walk thru: