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Partner: Happier Call Center Software – TalkDesk

  • Chris Fellows
  • 12/15/2017
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Call center software is the often neglected step-child of Salesforce products. Sales Cloud gets all the focus it seems, but Service Cloud and related software like Call Center integrations, is a critical piece of many businesses.

Many call center AppExchange products for Salesforce are limited in functionality and do just the basics.

TalkDesk is an outlier among their competition for their features, fluid and beautiful UI, performance and support.


Integration is dirt simple from directly within Salesforce. Agents can work from anywhere. And reporting is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce’s reports and dashboards.

If you’re familiar with other competing products like LiveOps, TalkDesk’s beautiful user interface design shines. Because call centers are often not on the front line of revenue generation, performance and user interface design are often neglected. However the agent’s satisfaction with the tool they use inevitably flows into their interactions. If they are constantly frustrated or just unenthused, their phone calls mirror these emotions. TalkDesk provides an easy, fluid, beautiful experience.


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