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Partners: Email Integration, the Key to Success with Cirrus Insights

  • Chris Fellows
  • 12/15/2017
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To transform you Salesforce instance from a mere data entry, data silo to a Sales productivity tool that drives higher revenue, you cannot ignore email. Sales reps likely spend more time in their email client then they do any where else. So it makes sense that your Salesforce instance should seamlessly integrate with email, right?

Most Salesforce instances have no email integration and so limited visibility into what’s actually going on with the sales process.

Cirrus Insight isĀ the tool for intelligent Gmail and Outlook email integration. Cirrus Insight is a Google Chrome or Firefox extension for your browser that connects to your Salesforce instance. It can help you track email conversations, create new Contacts and Leads, schedule appointments and very nicely, track when and where your recipients open your emails.

And finally, you can create email templates and campaigns for marketing as well as drip email responses.


There is also a Salesforce AppExchange product for Email Analytics so you can see exactly how your email is working. Know how your email performs and refine your sales process, email subject headers, contact frequency, etc based on actual real data.



If you are not tracking email, then much of the Sales process is a black box and likely based on a few good sales people. Empower your whole sales team with Salesforce sales productivity tools like Cirrus Insights.