Partners: MDM Data Management in Salesforce with SourceMDM

  • Chris Fellows
  • 12/15/2017
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Master Data Management or MDM is a critical integration piece in any Salesforce implementation over 5 users. Data integrity is so crucial because without it, you cannot tell where you stand. And if you cannot tell where you stand, you have no idea if your sales process is effective or just lucky.

SourceMDM is one of our partners for a good reason, they make data integration that much easier!

In many Salesforce integrations, you have to move your key Account and Contact data in and out of Salesforce. SourceMDM allows you to do all of the major data integrity functions normally reserved for Enterprise Databases inside of Salesforce without moving the data.


SourceMDM works off of a 3 tiered approach, Analyze, Match, Consolidate.

  1. Analyze – SourceMDM reviews data for major integrity problems such as completeness, duplication, and frequency.
  2. Match – SourceMDM then uses probabilistic and fuzzy logic based rules find duplicates either during data entry or as bulk uploads.
  3. Consolidate – Source MDM then helps in duplicate merging and data governance and survival.


We recently implemented SourceMDM for one of our clients who needed to clean their current data of duplicates and provide data entry, Search Before Create, functionality. The implementation was easy and the delivery was seamless. Instead of having to do painful integration or expensive add-on solutions, our client got what they needed, Data Integrity.

Measuring your effectiveness is so critical to success and SourceMDM makes it painless.


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