Refine Business Process

REAL Top 3 Reasons to Migrate to Salesforce Lightning

  • Chris Fellows
  • 12/14/2017
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Some of the benefits of migrating to Lightning are obvious or at least well documented:

Waaaayyyyy better user experience. Lightning uses a modern design and comes with the Lightning Design System for making slick UIs to replace the old circa 2003 clunky design.
Component based architecture allows you to create Lightning Components and plug and play them across your application.
Lightning is inevitable. Lightning is where Salesforce is headed. With each release there will be more and more features in Lightning that are not in Classic.


However there are 3 other very good reasons to migrate to Lightning that are less obvious. These reasons speak more to your business and sales processes and so can help you make huge gains in sales effectiveness if approached correctly.


1. Refine Your Sales Process


During the migration to Lightning, you can revisit your end to end sales process and look for gaps. You can use Lightning Components and enhanced dashboard to provide better metrics into each stage of your pipeline. You can redesign your Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity with Lightning Record Pages to give your sales reps more comprehensive views. All in all, you can use the Salesforce technology to improve your end to end Sales process, which in turn should directly correlate to your bottom line.


2. Refine Your KPIs, Reports and Dashboards


During the migration to Lightning, you can take the time to re-evaluate your KPIs and metrics used to determine success. You can then implement or improve reports and dashboards so that your sales reps, sales managers and executives all have cleaner, more comprehensive view of their job and the business. You can even improve your Home page to better visual sales data.

Refine Business Process


Better metrics = view into what to improve = more sales.

Salesforce Lightning Dashboard

3. Reduce Technical Debt

An often overlooked area of Salesforce development is reducing technical debt. As with your living room, the more you live in it, the more it accumulates dust and dirt and needs cleaning, the more features you release, the more you create technical debt that needs to be cleaned up. Technical debt is an inevitable result of development and is the accumulation of code that needs to be refined, removed, refactored or otherwise cleaned up. The risk of not cleaning technical debt is that it slows down development, causes unforseen errors and makes it harder to onboard new developers.

When you do the migration to Lightning, you can use this time to identify some large pieces of technical debt that can be finally taken care of.

Technical Debt



There is a lot to be gained from starting the ball rolling on migrating to Lightning, both the features available from Salesforce in Lightning Experience AND the very process of doing the  migration. And the best part is that if you are using Sales Cloud, you can tie the migration to Lightning to KPIs so you can pay for the work in increased sales.

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