The initial release of Related Grid is a Lightning Component that can be dropped into a Lightning Record Page for any object that has a GridBuddy Grid called [Object Name] Related Grid.

The following instructions detail how to setup Related Grid for your org.

  1. Install Related Grid.
  2. Install GridBuddy from the AppExchange if you have not done so already.
  3. Login to Salesforce and navigate to the GridBuddy App.
  4. Click on Grid Wizard and create a new Grid.
    1. Select the Object you want to drop Related Grid onto.
    2. Name the Grid [Object Name] Related Grid. For example if you want to drop Related Grid onto the Opportunity object, then name the Grid Opportunity Related Grid.
    3. Select the fields you want to expose on your Related Grid.
    4. Click Save.
  5. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Your Object
  6. Scroll down to Lightning Record Pages and click New.
  7. Select new Lightning Record Page, name the page and select Your Object.
  8. On the page builder, drop the Related Grid component onto the desired section of the page.
  9. Click Save and follow the prompts to Activate the page.
  10. Now navigate to a record of Your Object. You made need to refresh the page a few times before the new Lightning Record Page shows correctly.

Related Grid