Consulting Projects for Your Company

Zen Cloud Technologies is a full-service consulting company specializing in Salesforce, AWS and Cloud Hosting Software, Big Data and Hadoop, mobile app development, data integration, and analytics/forecasting. Our team members have vast experience designing and delivering complex, integrated solutions.


We are a certified Salesforce Partner and provide full-service consulting for:

  • Customizations
  • Data & Application Integration
  • Adoption
  • Lightning Migration
  • New Orgs
  • Sales and Service Cloud
  • Wave Analytics
  • Pardot and Marking Cloud
  • Mobile and Salesforce1
  • Heroku

We use Salesforce certified professionals for all implementation work to guarantee quality and success.


We work with organizations across industries to design and develop innovative mobile application solutions for your enterprise. Our strategy includes selecting the right mobile platform and building thoughtful workflows that will best serve your user community. When you are building mobile applications using Salesforce1 or other mobile platforms, Zen Cloud Technologies will progress your mobile strategy and provide dedicated support.

Data Integration & Data Migration

Integrating different data and systems is a critical key success factor in many business processes. Our data integration consultants are experts at integrating disparate data repositories from data warehouses, relational transactional databases or even legacy spreadsheets. We use best practice industry tools and technologies, as well as building custom integrations, thanks to our senior level understanding of varying architectures. Talk to us if you need expertise in integrating data from SAP, Oracle Financials, Primavera, and other software.

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions are driving business intelligence for the smartest companies. Salesforce recently release their Einstein AI system. The Hadoop ecosystem has matured. Big Data and AI are here. We can help you implement new Big Data solutions or customize existing ones. We focus on the bottom line need, intelligence, and build systems to meet that need.

AWS, Azure, Google Apps and Cloud Hosting Software Solutions

Cloud hosting is the most cost affordable way to get access to processing power and technology that would normally be cost prohibitive. These solutions are secure and adhere to all modern compliance standards. We can design a new VPC architecture or customize your existing one. We leverage certified professionals to help build the best system for your needs.