All the time, money and effort that goes into application development might be wasted if your application is not adopted successfully. Many, even most!, new projects underestimate the value and need for an adoption plan.

For example, if 90% of your sales reps, successfully use your new Salesforce application, you may be inclined to think that is a success. In fact, it is not! If any one of your Sales Reps do not use Salesforce, then you have lost data integrity. You do not have clear insight into the nature of your business, your sales pipeline, sales process and what works and what does not. Only 100% adoption is a success and it may not be as easy as you may think!


Successful Adoption can drive you sales and service to new heights.


The entire goal of Salesforce is to improve your bottom line, so your business depends on successful adoption.


We have a 5 level approach to Adoption:


  1. Vision – Establish a clear vision for your project and communicate it and expectations clearly. Vision provides motivation.
  2. Roadmap – Based on your vision, create a clear roadmap of feature releases. (Don’t forget Mobile either!) The Roadmap provides peace of mind that the solution will improve.
  3. Training Strategy – Provide a successful and engaging training plan. Training provides the know how.
  4. Measure – Report on multiple levels of user engagement – Usage, Data Integrity and Performance. Metrics provides intelligence.
  5. Incentives – Provide a series of incentives to positively (and sometimes negatively) enforce adoption of your tool until it is the defecto standard. Incentives provide reliability and consistency.


Don’t wait until its too late and your application is languishing. Create an Adoption Strategy and WIN!


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