Our client, a leader in the REIT space, had a highly customized Salesforce solution for one of their most critical business processes. The solution was in Salesforce classic and had evolved quickly as their business rapidly matured. What they had was a confusing data model and excessive technical debt as well as an outdated and clunky user interface.

Like all great businesses, our client, a leader in the REIT space, says they feel like they built the plane while it was flying. In 5 short years, they scaled from conception to a billion dollar, publicly traded enterprise.

And their Salesforce system reflected that rapid growth. It was crowded with technical debt and objects and processes stitched together to make it work… kind of.

The client invited us to Dallas for a two discovery period to dive deep into their core business process, find what was working and what was not and their ideal world picture. We took this valuable session and turned it into a backlog of Agile Epics and User Stories, along with supporting documentation and diagrams, estimations and a timeline for an MVP development phase.

Using the Discovery period, we embarked on a 4 month long project and in essentinally a short period of time, re-tooled their critical business area into a brand new Lightning Experience backed Salesforce solution.

And the business users raved about the launch. The users now felt supported rather than limited by the platform. They were empowered to make better, faster and more intelligent choices that is directly impacting their bottom line.