Quality Assurance & Testing


Quality Assurance and Testing

At Zen Cloud, we also provide end-to-end QA and Testing for salesforce, Mulesoft and ServiceNow applications. Our team of certified and experienced resources ensure compliance with established requirements, standards, and procedures through performance monitoring, product evaluation, audits, and testing.

We offer various testing services including

Development of a Test Plan & Test Cases

A Test Plan describes in detail the scope of testing of a given project and clearly describes the testing roadmap to be taken for the project. During this stage, the Zen Cloud QA team works in tandem with clients and the requisite Salesforce, MuleSoft or ServiceNow team to identify existing project deliverables, recommend and describe the testing strategies to be used, identify resources, provide estimates of the test efforts, and list the deliverables of the project.

Functional (Black-Box) Testing

We understand that functional testing is critical in implementing CRM software such as Salesforce. It verifies proper data acceptance, processing, and retrieval, and the appropriate implementation of business rules. We do this through black box techniques, that is, verifying the application (and its internal processes) by interacting via the GUI and analyzing the output (results).

Database Testing

To ensure integrity and consistency of data, thorough database testing must be conducted. The process includes performing data validity, data integrity testing, performance checks related to database, triggers and functions in the database etc. DBMS needs and requirements are discussed with the client in detail to identify the optimal tools/techniques to be used.  

Security Testing

Security testing determines if an application protects data and maintains functionality as intended. Our comprehensive Security Testing approach ensures confidentiality, integrity, authentication and authorization, and availability of an application. We use testing tools such as Acuentix, Nessus and IBM Ration App to conduct thorough security testing of an application.

Performance (Load) Testing

Whether it’s a CRM or a ITSM such as ServiceNow, load testing validates target-of-test application by emulating various load-intensive operations and functions under maximum load conditions. It is also used to check/record the effects on application performance under maximum load conditions and after working under load conditions for a certain period. Load testing is critically important in web-based and client-server applications. Our QA team conducts load testing by understanding the client’s business process, estimating and simulating peak loads, and where applicable, automating load testing.

White Box Testing

White Box testing focuses on application code testing. We conduct it to test branches, loops and other conditional elements of code, as well as optimize code for application performance. Techniques such as Code Coverage, Code Auditing and Code review are employed in this type of testing. White Box testing verifies and ensures that code complies with specified coding standards and naming conventions. The core purpose is to complement black-box testing and raise the overall quality of code.

Regression Testing

Implementing a CRM and integrating it with other software used in a company is a meticulous process and mandates thorough regression testing. The regression testing at Zen Cloud ensures that no errors or bugs are left unaddressed during implementing or integrating Salesforce solutions. It involves testing existing software applications to ensure that a change or addition in code hasn’t broken any existing functionality. The purpose is to catch bugs that may have been accidentally introduced into a new build or release, and to ensure that previously eradicated bugs do not resurface. For regression testing, we usually automate the test cases to save time and cost. However, to determine the extent of automation and ensure its efficiency, our team thoroughly vets all test cases and scenarios throughout the testing process.  


At Zen Cloud, quality is our utmost priority and never an afterthought.

We ensure that quality is maintained at every step, be it software ideation, design, implementation or maintenance. This intense focus on quality drives us to hire and deliver the absolute best!