What is ServiceNow – An Overview of the Features and Applications

Editor By Editor - April 5, 2021

ServiceNow is a cloud-based software platform which provides technical management support to large corporations. Using machine learning, ServiceNow leverages data and workflows to help businesses become faster and scalable.

With ServiceNow, businesses have a single platform for various processes, enabling them to modernize their operations and optimize productivity, cost, and scalability.

What is ServiceNow Used For?

ServiceNow is considered the definitive platform for IT Service Management as it supports the full lifecycle from incident tracking to release management.

It brings together discrete service support tools into a single system-of-record, providing unified operational view.

Through ServiceNow, users get complete IT service and support, infrastructure and service discovery, orchestration and automation, demand and project management, and meaningful analytics.

ServiceNow is used by following stakeholders to achieve their business goals:

  1. Employees – To request for their related IT business services.
  2. IT support team – To manage service requests or incidents.
  3. Administrators – ServiceNow helps administrators manage user access, roles & privileges.
  4. Implementers – Use it to deploy process applications and platform features which fulfill organization’s business needs.
  5. Developers – Create new functionality with scripts to extend standard configurations.

Products of ServiceNow

Although ServiceNow is often described as a singular platform, it offers different product categories which cover all aspects of a business. These include

  1. IT Operations Management

ServiceNow helps change the IT operations’ function from a reactive response team to a proactive business partner.

It provides visibility into end‑to‑end business services by understanding the relationship with the underlying IT resources.

It also increases agility by automating IT processes, keeping services engaged in a multi-cloud strategy by providing enterprise‑ready self‑service capabilities to cloud users.

Available applications include: Discovery, Cloud Management, Event Management, Orchestration, Service Mapping and Operational Intelligence.

  1. IT Business Management

Provides visibility into project and application portfolios; it helps gain financial insight into the cost-of-service delivery; allowing better management of demand, resources, and budgets.

Available applications include: Demand Management, Resource Management, Project Portfolio Management, Agile Development, Test Management, Financial Planning and Application Portfolio Management.

  1. Software Asset Management

ServiceNow provides a single system of action that helps seamlessly transform operations from reactive software asset management practices to a proactive culture that is audit‑ready and optimizes license costs.

Available applications include: Discovery, Normalization, Publisher Packs, Software license harvesting and Blacklisting.

  1. Performance Analytics

Leverages the power of data in the hands of stakeholders who are responsible for successful service delivery. Applications include Dashboards, Timelines, Spotlights and Text Analytics for Unstructured Data.

  1. Security Operations

Enterprise Security Response engine offers security incident response, vulnerability response, configuration compliance and threat intelligence.

It’s built on intelligent workflows, automation, orchestration and deep connection with IT of the Now Platform.

Available applications include: Security Incident Response, Vulnerability Response, Threat Intelligence, Configuration Compliance, Trusted Security Circles, Performance Analytics for Security Operations, Security Event Management and Security Orchestrations.

  1. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Transforms inefficient processes across the extended enterprise into a unified GRC program built on the Now Platform. Through continuous monitoring, prioritization and automation, it is possible to respond to business risks in real-time.

Available applications include: Policy and Compliance Management, Risk Management, Performance Analytics for GRC, Audit Management and Vendor Risk Management.

  1. HR Service Delivery

This is an integrated suite of applications designed to create a consumer‑like service experience, while increasing HR productivity.

Whether it’s a simple request for information, or a multi‑departmental process like onboarding, employees get a single place for all their service needs.

Available applications include: Case and Knowledge Management, Employee Service Center, Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions.

  1. Customer Service Management

Connects customer service with other departments to identify and resolve issues faster, reduce costs and increase satisfaction.

Available applications include: Case Management, Field Service Management, Issue Resolution, Visual Workflow and Automation, Agent Intelligence and Performance Analytics.

  1. Intelligent Applications

With the Now Platform, developers of all levels can significantly reduce time-to-market and delivery. All ServiceNow applications are built on the Now Platform.

Automating Workflows with ServiceNow

Automation process involves converting high-touch and largely manual business processes and workflows into faster and smoother low-touch digital workflows. Workflow automation helps increase efficiency and more valuable utilization of resources.

ServiceNow Process Automation applications help businesses digitize, visualize, and manage cross-enterprise workflows across the organization and external stakeholders. Machine‑learning capabilities are infused directly into the Now Platform to facilitate agile process automation.

Digitizing business processes with Process Automation applications provides these benefits:

  • Management of process compliance
  • Ownership of continual process improvement
  • Collaboration across divisions and departments
  • Visibility into process outcomes

Leveraging the Power of ServiceNow

The stellar ServiceNow team at ZenCloud has completed myriad ServiceNow development, implementation, consultation and enhancement projects.

Using ServiceNow best practices, we have helped our clients bring clarity to IT processes and infrastructure, allow prompt response to disruptions in IT processes, minimize impact of infrastructural changes and ensure better ROI.

Get in touch with our team to leverage the power of ServiceNow as your scale and grow your business.


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