What Is a Salesforce Developer?

ZenCloud Editorial Team This blog is updated on July 10, 2024
Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developers are crucial in supporting over 150,000 customers from industries who rely on the Salesforce platform and Salesforce Customer 360 for smooth operation. The success of Salesforce largely depends on the contributions of Salesforce administrators, consultants and developers. Unlike administrators and consultants who focus on configuring the platform without coding skills developers play a role in extending the platforms capabilities significantly. 

What does a Salesforce Developer do?

Salesforce developers, also known as SFDC developers or Salesforce engineers tackle challenges associated with custom Salesforce development such as platform customization, system integration tailored to specific needs and application development using both coding and no code tools. This discussion delves into the roles, responsibilities, skills required by Salesforce programmers along with the value they bring to clients. 

Who is a Salesforce Developer? 

A Salesforce developer (SFDC developer) is a versatile programmer proficient in both back end logic and front end functionality. They create software applications utilizing tools, like the Force.com platform, Lightning App Builder and Heroku. 

Salesforce engineers utilize a variety of tools like the Visualforce framework, Apex code, Aura components, Lightning framework, web services, SQL, Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) HTML and JavaScript. In the realm of Salesforce development, developers can serve as consultants specializing in CRM development, integration engineering, data migration programming or customization development. 

Languages and Platforms Utilized by Salesforce Developers 

In addition to having a grasp of front end and back end technologies in general a Salesforce programmer should have proficiency in specific developer tools and languages unique to Salesforce such as:

Force.comThis platform simplifies the creation of cloud based applications and systems. 
Lightning App Builder Enabling the creation of pages and components for various applications including single page apps and tools, for managing reporting dashboards. 
Heroku A cloud based platform offering flexibility and scalability that aids developers in streamlining their app development work within the Salesforce ecosystem. 
Apex A programming language used for developing custom connectors implementing custom API calls and making system adjustments as needed. 
Visualforce This framework focuses on designing user interfaces using XML syntax primarily utilized for generating HTML content.
The Lightning Component  Is an user interface framework designed for developing interactive web applications that work seamlessly on both mobile and desktop platforms. This framework consists of two types of Lightning Web components. 
Lightning Aura Components  Are utilized to create single page applications and construct multi tiered components. 
Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL)  Is a language used to query Salesforce data within an organization to retrieve specific information. Similar to the SELECT statement in Structured Query Language (SQL) SOQL is tailored specifically for querying Salesforce data. 
Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL)  Is employed for creating text based search queries that interact with the search index. 

What Responsibilities Does a Salesforce Developer Have? 

Salesforce developers play a role, in developing Lightning web components, Visualforce pages custom Salesforce features assisting in AppExchange app development creating custom integration solutions building internal use applications and listing apps on the AppExchange platform. 

Essential Skills for Salesforce Developers 

The necessary skills for a Salesforce developer include: 

  • Analytical abilities 
  • Communication 
  • Problem solving capabilities 
  • Logical reasoning 
  • Creative thinking 
  • Attention to detail  
  • Willingness to learn 
  • Automation proficiency 

While having a certified Salesforce developer on your project team may not be mandatory for success their certification signifies their proficiency with the platform. Serves as evidence of their technical acumen. Nevertheless it is evident that the success of a development endeavor does not solely rely on the knowledge and skills of the developer. It involves a process encompassing thorough business and technical evaluations, development phases, as well, as change management procedures. If you seek a professional who excels in various roles such as developer, QA engineer, project manager and business analyst all at once chances are you’ll find someone skilled in many but not a master of all. 

To avoid implementing a solution that lacks understanding and fails to meet your business requirements it’s essential to collaborate with a Salesforce development company like Zencloud. Our firm comprises over 70 Salesforce consultants, app builders and developers. By working with us you tap into the expertise of our entire team, which has supported over 300 businesses in the last two decades. Furthermore we possess experience in AppExchange app development and custom software solutions. This background enables us to apply the practices in Salesforce development and stay current with emerging trends in business consulting and project management

What Are the Primary Responsibilities of Salesforce Developers, for Clients?  

  • Utilizing batch classes to facilitate data migration without any loss or corruption of data. 
  • Crafting user visually appealing designs with customized styles to ensure compatibility with dynamic versions of components in the Lightning App Builder setup. 
  • Creating Lightning Components through the Lightning App Builder to streamline component development processes. 
  • Performing database modeling deduplicating data sets querying data from custom objects to objects and executing DML operations while adhering to governor limits. 
  • Addressing code coverage issues. Crafting test classes for comprehensive testing
  • Developing custom objects, reports and dashboards tailored to sales and marketing requirements. 
  • Establishing custom fields and validation rules for both existing objects, as well as implementing custom functionality through controllers and extensions. 
  • Managing user roles, application level security settings, system level security protocols sign on configurations and personalized security regulations. 
  • Coding Apex Classes, Controller Classes, extensions and Triggers across various applications to fulfill diverse functional needs. 
  • Integrating seamlessly with third party solutions operational within the clients systems. 

Get in Touch with Certified Salesforce Developers

Salesforce development plays a role, in enhancing user experience and elevating overall product satisfaction levels. A developer works in the background to support your Salesforce solution, address user issues within Salesforce itself optimize your investment in Salesforce and gain an edge over your rivals. If you’re ready to jump on board the Salesforce bandwagon you can receive an estimate for your Salesforce development project cost without any hidden risks and engage a top notch team of skilled and seasoned engineers. Zencloud boasts a team of over 100+ Salesforce experts with extensive knowledge across 10+ Salesforce Clouds, AppExchange applications and customized software development.

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