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Salesforce consultants are responsible for implementing and enhancing salesforce solutions to meet their clients’ specific needs efficiently and adaptably. When a consultant is involved, salesforce can seamlessly integrate into an organization aligning with its requirements.

In this article we will delve deeper into the role of a salesforce consultant, their strategies, skills required for this position and the subsequent steps you can take to embark on your consultancy path. While our focus will be on administrators in this guide transitioning to salesforce consulting is a career progression for various roles within the salesforce ecosystem. Let’s dive in!

Embarking on a Career as a Salesforce Consultant 

Becoming a salesforce consultant is a career trajectory for individuals seeking challenges. Many professionals find themselves stagnant in their roles no longer learning or facing tasks feeling confined within one aspect of salesforce without room, for growth. 

In today’s fast-paced industry, new career opportunities often arise, and it’s crucial to critically analyze them. Has your existing role halted your overall development or slowed it down significantly? This point comes in everyone’s career, and making the right choice at that stage is important.

At salesforce consultancy even those who didn’t plan a career in salesforce can end up as ” Admins” when their company introduces salesforce into their work life. Once they discover the power of salesforce they get. Start exploring career opportunities in the field. 

When it comes to being a salesforce consultant it’s like mastering an art form where various factors determine the success or failure of a project. Organizations entrust their Salesforce org (the core of their operations) to consultants who not have skills but also possess essential ‘soft’ skills. 

Core Skills – Salesforce Consultants 


Understanding clients from their perspective as if you’re experiencing a day in their shoes at the company. One helpful approach is to imagine yourself starting your day, at the clients company and asking questions that will help you understand your role better. 

This particular attribute is highly valuable although it is not something that can be easily acquired. 

Gathering Requirements

Failing to gather requirements during the initial ‘discovery’ phase can lead to a project lacking direction and the potential, for scope creep. It is essential to collect concise and accurate requirements that the client approves. 

Time Tracking

Being organized includes documenting how time is spent. Neglecting this aspect may result in challenges when clients question delays. Tracking time is crucial for project management to maintain profitability and improve self awareness about time needed for tasks. Make it a routine to log time after each activity tasks like troubleshooting an issue for 15 minutes. If forming a habit is difficult set a daily reminder in your calendar. 


Vital, in aspects! 

Salesforce wide range of solutions will address the challenges faced by your clients simplify ideas and maintain the interest of all stakeholders involved in the project. Effective written communication is crucial, for this role while strong verbal skills will set you apart from your colleagues.  

Stakeholder Engagement

Managing your clients expectations is essential to prevent any frustrations that may arise from expectations. It’s better to promise less and deliver more than to promise more and underdeliver. Understanding your stakeholders individual objectives and ambitions is vital for gaining their support and ensuring the project progresses smoothly. 

Salesforce Expertise

Having an understanding of the platform you are advising on is critical. Drawing on experiences with salesforce can help you add value by learning from challenges in specific situations. Being attuned, to the nuances of each situation will guide you towards solutions. 

Personal Growth & Learning Attitude

Consultants encounter features and business scenarios regularly highlighting the importance of having a growth mindset. Shaping how you think, act and reflect on your experiences. 

Having the mindset is crucial, for making progress. It’s completely fine not to have all the answers. Its important to be aware of what you don’t know (I know it can be tricky!). Be motivated to seek solutions or seek help from others.  

In addition to learning about the skills required for salesforce consultants it’s valuable to understand the tasks they perform and their responsibilities at stages of their career. 

Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Salesforce Consultant

When working at a consultancy you’ll be involved in projects. Often collaborate with teams. Here are some advantages of this work approach:

  • Engaging in projects – Handling projects simultaneously with organizations. 
  • Gaining hands on experience with salesforce products beyond Sales Cloud, such as Service Cloud, Analytics and Einstein. 
  • Developing industry specific knowledge. Many consultancies focus on industries like services, real estate or retail. 
  • Collaborating with top notch professionals like architects, developers, marketers and account managers, in the field. 
  • Accessing personal growth opportunities through training programs.
  • Salesforce consulting companies are evaluated based on the number of certified professionals they employ (i.e. the quantity of individuals, with salesforce certifications). Every consultancy emphasizes growth and some even offer incentives like bonus programs! 
  • Having skills in both technology and business as a consultant usually leads to salary prospects. 
Salesforce Career

Career path of a Salesforce Consultant

Playing a role, in the intersection of information technology and customer relationship management salesforce consultants utilize their expertise in sales, business and technology to enhance business operations through the utilization of the salesforce platform.

These professionals assist organizations in optimizing their investment in salesforce solutions by providing guidance throughout the planning, design and implementation phases to ensure that the system aligns with their requirements.

Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Salesforce Consultant

Embarking on a career as a salesforce consultant represents reaching the pinnacle of CRM leadership. It involves a blend of knowledge business acumen and communication abilities. Serving as the connection between an organizations business objectives and its utilization of salesforce technology a salesforce Consultant is responsible for delivering solutions that business growth.

The role of a salesforce Consultant carries prestige offers a compensation package and provides opportunities to impact a companys trajectory towards success. Additionally salesforce consultants have the privilege of collaborating with stakeholders to shape business practices and customer connections.

How Viable is a Career as a Salesforce Consultant?

Undoubtedly pursuing a career, as a salesforce consultant is both prestigious and fulfilling.
To assess its appeal lets dissect aspects:

Opportunities for Career Growth 

The role of a salesforce consultant is highly sought after providing influence and decision making power. Progression within the salesforce ecosystem signifies potential for advancement with responsibilities and strategic roles on offer.

Skill Enhancement 

The salesforce platform is constantly evolving, requiring consultants to adapt to changes in the platform, industry trends and customer requirements. This ongoing evolution ensures that salesforce consultants are always honing their skills and staying updated.

Industry Expansion 

With salesforce leading the CRM market there is an growing demand for salesforce consultants. While competition is fierce opportunities exist across industries.

Job Security 

With businesses relying on salesforce for their CRM needs, job security for salesforce consultants remains high. While economic downturns may affect sectors the need for consultants remains constant.

Networking Prospects 

Interacting with a range of professionals from business executives to IT experts provides networking opportunities and chances for collaboration, for salesforce consultants.

Work Flexibility 

The role of a salesforce consultant offers flexibility in terms of work location with many consultants having the option to work remotely. Furthermore consultants frequently have the option to focus on industries or salesforce solutions. When it comes to salary and benefits progression salesforce consultants receive compensation packages. As they accumulate experience and certifications their earning potential sees a rise. In terms of work life balance the consulting position may entail challenging scenarios and strict deadlines. Nevertheless the gratification of providing solutions and the flexibility inherent, in consulting positions can counterbalance this aspect for many individuals.

How to Reach There? 

When contemplating a move into consulting it’s crucial to remember: 

  • There are knowledge and abilities you should possess, skills, effective communication, receptiveness to feedback familiarity with the salesforce platform and knowledge of salesforce best practices.
  • Certain concepts can be acquired through hands on experience. Are not prerequisites for entering the field of consulting, gathering requirements, project management techniques (such as methodology) project scoping and estimation.

Consult with recruiters or hiring managers. You’ll hear advice. Long as you grasp that the salesforce platform serves as a tool, for empowering businesses and addressing their challenges you’re already making progress! 

“To be honest I postponed transitioning into consulting for some time because of my apprehensions. ‘How do I gather requirements?’ ‘How do I handle project management?’

I was unsure about the methods and how to estimate project hours. These questions left me in a whirlpool of doubts, making me worry about potential failures if I became a consultant. Although it’s a challenging role, being a good consultant requires strong admin skills.” 

Transitioning from a Salesforce Admin to Consultant 

 Salesforce Admins dream of stepping into the consulting realm – because at its core the role of a salesforce consultant mirrors that of an admins involving identifying business hurdles and leveraging the salesforce platform to overcome them.

“I always had this feeling that I would eventually become a Salesforce Consultant while working as an Admin. I firmly believe that an exceptional Salesforce Admin embodies the essence of a consultant within their organization. An admins role goes beyond managing permission sets or handling user deactivations – they serve as the link, between business operations and technology.” 

The distinctions, between the two positions aside from those we pointed out in the “benefits” section are as follows: 

 Upon completing the salesforce implementation project you might be assigned to train an administrator (to aid their transition into the role) or empower ‘super users. Drawing on your experiences will be beneficial as you’ve been in shoes before. 

Handling multiple projects with organizations concurrently is likely to be more demanding compared to an administrative role. Each client may have business models. Utilize different salesforce products. Further considerations will be discussed in the ‘Things We Wish We Knew’ section. 

Transitioning Into Salesforce 

There are pathways individuals pursue that lead them to salesforce consulting, too many to enumerate ! To understand these backgrounds one only needs to examine the array of programs designed for training apprentices, graduates, veterans, refugees and mothers looking to re enter the workforce. 

Do not underestimate any experiences where you may have acquired transferable knowledge – especially from roles unrelated, to salesforce. 

Consulting firms actually prefer candidates, with both salesforce experience and industry knowledge over those lacking industry expertise. This preference stems from the importance of being able to communicate grasp procedures and relate to client obstacles as a consultant. Such capabilities not inspire confidence in clients. Also lead to successful project outcomes.  

Making a career change might seem daunting especially if transitioning into an IT role in life. Nonetheless Thijs Vermeulen exemplifies that age should not hinder ones pursuit of a career they are passionate, about. Within a year he excelled as a salesforce consultant at the age of 38. 

Key Takeaways for Future Salesforce Consultants

The role of a salesforce consultant is constantly changing due, to the emergence of salesforce solutions shifts in industry trends and evolving customer demands. In the future salesforce consultants will be expected to possess not proficiency but also strategic thinking abilities, effective communication skills and a knack for creative problem solving. For individuals with drive and the necessary expertise pursuing a career, as a salesforce consultant holds the promise of an impactful journey.

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