What is a Salesforce Consulting Partner. How Can it Benefit You?

ZenCloud Editorial Team This blog is updated on July 10, 2024
Salesforce Consulting Partner

When it comes to implementing Salesforce solutions, like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud having trained staff is crucial. While theoretically any prepared team could handle it things can get tricky at times. With Salesforce the learning curve tends to be steep requiring time to grasp the platforms capabilities. This is where Salesforce Consulting Partners come in. Their role is to ensure the success of your business objectives by guiding you through the complexities of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Who is Salesforce Consulting Partner? 

  • Top Salesforce Development Companies, with the authorization assist customers, in deploying and enhancing their use of Salesforce solutions. 
  • Salesforce partner can develop customized solutions. Provide them in collaboration, with Salesforce. 
  • They can Assist in implementing Salesforce solutions that’re, in line, with the business objectives of the client. 
  • Salesforce consulting partner Improve business processes for customer satisfaction.  
  • Salesforce Partner task includes development, rollout, setting up and staff training etc.

Who Can be a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

To become a salesforce consulting services partner, You need to go through a set of tasks along with you must shift into the position. 

  • Welcoming, to any committed individual or organization.
  • Salesforce Consulting Partner Could be independent advisors or well-established companies.
  • Salesforce Partner demands familiarity with Salesforce platforms and offerings.
  • Calls for specific expertise in the industry.
  • Entails a gradual procedure, for partnership acquisition.

What Kind of Salesforce Consulting Partner is Suitable?

As we approach the year 2025 the partner program features four categories that enable companies to enhance their skills elevate performance levels and deliver specialized services to their clientele effectively.

The Salesforce Partner Program offers four categories:

Consulting Partner

This category involves providing services, like business consulting, system design, solution integration and product implementation to drive business growth and enhance efficiency through expertise and innovative tools.

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Managed Service Provider Partner (MSP)

Companies in this program offer services post implementation, such as administration to ensure long term customer success.

Reseller Partners

This program allows partners to distribute Salesforce products in emerging markets like EMEA, APAC and LATAM.

AppExchange Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner

As an AppExchange ISV partner you can create and market software solutions integrated with the Salesforce platform.

How One Can Become Salesforce Consulting Partner

To become a Salesforce Consulting Partner it is not difficult, one need to demonstrate a commitment, to their work by meeting requirements and undergoing a rigorous selection process.

It requires an amount of effort in terms of investment, training, certifications and more. This process is divided into stages and upon completion you will earn accreditation, as a Salesforce consulting partner. The general steps to follow include:

  1. Agree to the terms outlined in the Salesforce Partner Program Agreement (SPPA). This initial step allows companies to access the Salesforce partner community.
  2. Apply to become a part of the Salesforce Partners community.
  3. Receive an email from Salesforce outlining the essential requirements for provisional program inclusion. This email will request information, outline steps and provide compliance guidelines.
  4. Submit evidence demonstrating that your company meets these requirements within 30 days of receiving the email.
  5. Salesforce reviews the documentation provided. If it meets the criteria your company is granted Partner status.
  6. You will then receive an email detailing the requirements for inclusion, in the Partner Program, including certifications, payment structures, etc.
  7. The company provides proof of its adherence, to the criteria for joining the partner program on a basis.
  8. The details are assessed to ascertain if the company fulfills the criteria for program participation. If deemed suitable the company is granted entry into the program starting at the “base” tier.

As previously mentioned, some of the prerequisites required for endorsing Salesforce consulting partners include:

  • Certifications: A partner must possess a minimum of two certifications to enroll in the program. This could involve one individual with credentials or two individuals each holding least one credential.
  • Payment Fees: There are no annual program fees for Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25).

Levels of Performance Ratings for Salesforce Consulting Partners

It’s evident that while many individuals or companies have capabilities some excel more, than others. Some may even specialize in aspects than offering comprehensive services. Recognizing these distinctions albeit subtle is crucial when seeking a consultant. You aim to find someone who excels at implementing what you require.

When faced with the decision of selecting a consultant for my company among options the challenge arises, how do we choose the suitable one? Even top consultants can make errors. We can minimize that risk by opting for those, with successful track records. To assess and gauge the performance of these consulting partners a classification system based on the Trailblazer score has been established. This score ranges up to 1000 points. Is determined by each partners performance. The levels of classification are as follows:

  • Base (0 – 249)
  • Ridge (250 – 449)
  • Crest (500 – 749)
  • Summit (750 – 1000)
Salesforce Consulting Partner

The initial qualification obtained by each partner at the start of the year (effective as of March) remains valid throughout that year. If a partner attains a level, in quarterly evaluations their status is updated accordingly. Regardless the highest level achieved during the year will be maintained, irrespective of when it was reached in that year. Therefore, at the onset of a year the company commences with the highest level attained from the previous year.

In evaluations if a partner doesn’t reach an enough score to maintain or exceed their current level by the end of the fiscal year, they will be moved down a level.

How does the allocation of points to reach levels as a Salesforce consulting partner happen?

The scoring process is determined based on how each consulting partner performs in four areas, which assess their contributions, against Salesforces established goals. These aspects are detailed below:

Additionally, bonus points for responding to the Pledge 1% partner impact survey are also considered in the scoring. Simply participating in the survey can earn your company a bonus that will contribute to your score.

This cycle occurs every quarter of the year. Partners can submit data and evidence for their score during each quarter, submissions are accepted until the day of that quarter. Evaluations take place in the month after each quarter with members being informed of their achieved level, in the month.

What advantages does the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program offer?

The Salesforce Consulting Partner Program grants partner companies benefits to support them in fulfilling their roles.

To enhance their capabilities partners can benefit from resources, training programs and continuous certification opportunities. These avenues enable them to hone their skills in business domains, product segments and industries. Moreover, they can engage in events and collaborative ventures, with Salesforce partners and clients to elevate their client service standards and refine their methods.

In the year 2025 the benefits accessible to partners will be determined by the consulting partner level attained in the current year. These benefits are categorized as follows:

Technical Support (Tools and technologies for skill development and customer success)
  • Support via the Partner Community.
  • Certification vouchers for Trailhead and Accredited Professional exams.
  • Discounts on instructor led courses.
  • Discounts on certification exams.
Sales and Alliances Assistance (Supporting growth, productivity enhancement and fostering relationships with Salesforce)
  • Incentives for partners on submitted leads through the Partner Community.
  • Access to a production setup comprising Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition licenses.
  • Provision of demo organizations for Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds for training purposes and solution development. These demo environments replicate a Salesforce setup. Offer additional user licenses and storage capacity.
  • Consultation sessions, with advisors.
Marketing (Resources, for building brand awareness and devising marketing strategies)
  • Access to the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Plus License (formerly known as Pardot Plus) for use in lead generation activities.
  • Opportunity to leverage “Salesforce” for running advertisements on Google (Google Ads).

How can you determine if you require the assistance of a Salesforce consulting partner?

Often, we tend to overestimate our capabilities. Believe we can handle everything independently. However, there are instances where we realize the need for intervention when lacking the expertise. One such scenario could arise during the implementation of a Salesforce product mistakenly perceived as straightforward. When faced with challenges we bear the brunt of our misconceptions.

Hence when undertaking any task involving Salesforce it is advisable to engage a consulting partner. Such an entity can offer guidance on database structuring and migration implementation processes, updating procedures system integration across departments and development of tailored applications among services. Salesforce Consulting Partners possess training to lead innovation initiatives and assist companies in establishing connections, with their clientele.

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Why Should you Consider Hiring a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Bringing on board a Salesforce Consulting Partner can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your solution while ensuring an implementation and continuous support. Drawing from their accumulated experience and expertise they can play a role, in maximizing the returns on your Salesforce investment. Over time the advantages of engaging a consulting partner far surpass the costs.

Here are some key benefits:

Efficient Salesforce Implementation (Pre-During and Post)

When a Salesforce Consulting Partner engages with an organization, they conduct an assessment to pinpoint any existing or potential issues that could impact the implementation process. This proactive approach allows them to promptly address challenges and devise solutions that positively impact the organization.

Expertise In Customization

Every organization is unique in terms of billing structures, workforce size, objectives, geographical reach and more. By partnering with experts for your Salesforce implementation you gain access to individuals who possess in depth knowledge of platform functionalities tailored adjustments based on needs, introduction of features and more. Utilizing Salesforce to its potential becomes essential, for driving business outcomes.

A Salesforce consulting partners skill, in making adjustments and personalized changes is crucial, in this context. Their deep understanding of the platform enables them to tailor solutions to suit each organization’s needs. They. Implement the suitable options based on the client’s preferences and requirements ensuring a tailored approach.

Achieve Your Goals Efficiently

To efficiently reach your goals it’s important for a consulting partner to stay updated on all the offerings, from Salesforce through its three releases. They show their dedication by keeping their certifications current and acquiring ones demonstrating their commitment to clients with project portfolios. With their wealth of knowledge and experience they can assist you in maximizing the benefits of a Salesforce implementation tailored to your objectives.

Saving Time and Money

It is crucial when undergoing a Salesforce implementation. Many organizations attempt it on their own only to encounter roadblocks that lead them to seek help from a Salesforce consulting partner. By then they may have already invested resources without achieving the desired outcome.

It’s advisable to engage a consulting partner in the process to oversee the Salesforce implementation, including updates for each release. They can assist with system integrations across departments and third-party applications saving you time and money whether you opt for part time or full-time services.

Partnering with a Salesforce consultant will enable you to meet deadlines and navigate challenges effectively while working towards completing tasks

You can focus on tasks while entrusting some responsibilities to your consulting partner.

Enhances The Quality of Your Business Decisions

The process of making decisions is often more intricate than it appears. There are instances when we lack the information to make choices. Engaging with a Salesforce Consulting Partner can aid in enriching the information required for making informed decisions. Collaborating with your management team you can collectively work towards achieving the set objectives.

Boosting Return, On Investment

By partnering with a Salesforce Consulting Partner your business will witness progress and growth. This partnership will ensure that your objectives are achieved as intended thereby enhancing the efficiency and profitability of your business operations. You will experience heightened productivity among your workforce save time on tasks adopt practices, in implementation and access various opportunities that enhance overall business efficiency.

If you are contemplating engaging a Salesforce consulting partner or exploring this possibility further you have come to the place. At ZenCloud we boast over 40+ Salesforce certifications. Are well equipped to assist you in this regard. Our tailored Salesforce consulting services aim to drive your business growth by either implementing customized solutions or enhancing existing implementations. Our team of experts has positioned us among the 20 consulting partners globally.

If you require assistance don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Our team is here to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes.

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